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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Metafictional Love


To my 'Muse': -- (Dedicated to Miranda C*)
Time Spent: 60 minutes
No # Mistakes: >5
General Response: Ambivalent

This was just my typical once-a-year foray into writing metafiction. I like writing about writing and I think romantic ideal are so easily incorporated into a metafictional piece. The metaphors are so easy. There are single sentences in this I read a million times over because I am so happy with them, some of the others I could take or leave.

There are a few typos, but I was actually writing with amazing speed today. This was pretty cool, because usually when I try this I jam the keys a lot or, more creatively, I screw up the sentence. I am sorry about those typos when I have struck wrong keys, and I hope the piece is still readable in those areas.

So, in general: it's okay I suppose. There are some ludicrously long sentences in places.

Well, least I'm writing, right?

In Life and Love

*For being the one person who has harassed me on an ongoing basis about me not writing on my typewriter.