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"Letters on a typewriter about love, life and the world to friends and the people I have never met."

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Metafictional Love


To my 'Muse': -- (Dedicated to Miranda C*)
Time Spent: 60 minutes
No # Mistakes: >5
General Response: Ambivalent

This was just my typical once-a-year foray into writing metafiction. I like writing about writing and I think romantic ideal are so easily incorporated into a metafictional piece. The metaphors are so easy. There are single sentences in this I read a million times over because I am so happy with them, some of the others I could take or leave.

There are a few typos, but I was actually writing with amazing speed today. This was pretty cool, because usually when I try this I jam the keys a lot or, more creatively, I screw up the sentence. I am sorry about those typos when I have struck wrong keys, and I hope the piece is still readable in those areas.

So, in general: it's okay I suppose. There are some ludicrously long sentences in places.

Well, least I'm writing, right?

In Life and Love

*For being the one person who has harassed me on an ongoing basis about me not writing on my typewriter.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Frogs Don't Wear Pinstripe


To my 'Muse': Lara C
Time Spent: 75 minutes
No # Mistakes: >5
General Response: Moderately Happy

I actually don't hate this piece. I moved from my cramped desk and sat down in my loungeroom, home alone. I guess the ambiance and the location had some effect on me. I also took the time to figure out the rough direction of each paragraph before I began, and took a pause after every full stop before typing the next sentence. Quite frankly, I am pretty pleased with the content and I liked the overall message.

There are quite a few typing typos. Ones where I was striking the wrong key or I hit the space between letters, or a backspaced and forgot to add a space. Precision in typing will obviously come with time. All in all - not bad!

I guess I'm the most surprised.

However I am imposing a ban on the two phrases 'Of course' and 'I guess'. I think using 'always' should get a mention too.

In Life and Love

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Eye of Newt


To my 'Muse': Katy B
Time Spent:
70 minutes
No # Mistakes:
General Response: Unimpressed

Lots of mistakes in this one. Generally I feel it's very disjointed and some of the sentences and the word order are very awkward to read. I feel like I need to have a more defined plan of where my thoughts begin and end, before I try and start to write. I also seem far to prone to simile when I want to add imagery.

The subject matter is alright, but I think in many ways I wish I could have taken it further and developed it beyond something so cliche. It lacks something. I guess the only thing I was happy with was the length.

My next piece I am thinking on a little more. I have my muse picked and I know the rough subject I want to write on. I think I'll have something more abstract - writing a letter on an ideal rather than a scene.

In Life and Love

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In Life and Love

I would like to call myself a writer, if only I wrote more often.

This blog is my quest to write more often, and to write more spontaneously. This blog is my project. I am currently in the middle of pursuing science at university, which makes writing on an ongoing basis difficult. To compound such an issue I am also a fussy writer, who heavily reworks everything I write, so I need to learn to write faster.

I have recently bought a typewriter, which was an investment for my webcomic Valentine's Dei. However writing on a typewriter is a beautiful experience for me, and it has proven very useful in retraining how I write - particularly in terms of speed and encouraging to take words as they come out. Also I need to learn to use the typewriter with more accuracy which means using it more often.

There is no backspace on a typewriter key. This is a rough project in which I merely want to showcase rough pieces of work that involve short letters to friends, some real and some imagined, about life, love and the world. I will be happy when I can write with less than five typos on a single page, but I assure you that won't be any time soon.

In life and love,