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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Frogs Don't Wear Pinstripe


To my 'Muse': Lara C
Time Spent: 75 minutes
No # Mistakes: >5
General Response: Moderately Happy

I actually don't hate this piece. I moved from my cramped desk and sat down in my loungeroom, home alone. I guess the ambiance and the location had some effect on me. I also took the time to figure out the rough direction of each paragraph before I began, and took a pause after every full stop before typing the next sentence. Quite frankly, I am pretty pleased with the content and I liked the overall message.

There are quite a few typing typos. Ones where I was striking the wrong key or I hit the space between letters, or a backspaced and forgot to add a space. Precision in typing will obviously come with time. All in all - not bad!

I guess I'm the most surprised.

However I am imposing a ban on the two phrases 'Of course' and 'I guess'. I think using 'always' should get a mention too.

In Life and Love

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  1. I have long considered you one of the best writers that I have ever come across. Please keep it up.
    Fascinated by your work, as always.