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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Eye of Newt


To my 'Muse': Katy B
Time Spent:
70 minutes
No # Mistakes:
General Response: Unimpressed

Lots of mistakes in this one. Generally I feel it's very disjointed and some of the sentences and the word order are very awkward to read. I feel like I need to have a more defined plan of where my thoughts begin and end, before I try and start to write. I also seem far to prone to simile when I want to add imagery.

The subject matter is alright, but I think in many ways I wish I could have taken it further and developed it beyond something so cliche. It lacks something. I guess the only thing I was happy with was the length.

My next piece I am thinking on a little more. I have my muse picked and I know the rough subject I want to write on. I think I'll have something more abstract - writing a letter on an ideal rather than a scene.

In Life and Love


  1. It's wonderful, Sam. Suffice to say, I'm impressed.

  2. As am I. But surely it's easy to impress, with such a remarkable individual to inspire you ;)