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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In Life and Love

I would like to call myself a writer, if only I wrote more often.

This blog is my quest to write more often, and to write more spontaneously. This blog is my project. I am currently in the middle of pursuing science at university, which makes writing on an ongoing basis difficult. To compound such an issue I am also a fussy writer, who heavily reworks everything I write, so I need to learn to write faster.

I have recently bought a typewriter, which was an investment for my webcomic Valentine's Dei. However writing on a typewriter is a beautiful experience for me, and it has proven very useful in retraining how I write - particularly in terms of speed and encouraging to take words as they come out. Also I need to learn to use the typewriter with more accuracy which means using it more often.

There is no backspace on a typewriter key. This is a rough project in which I merely want to showcase rough pieces of work that involve short letters to friends, some real and some imagined, about life, love and the world. I will be happy when I can write with less than five typos on a single page, but I assure you that won't be any time soon.

In life and love,


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